summer made me blue; summer gave me sky

by heroin party

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Fowler Hannah
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Fowler Hannah Some warm rain at night/
Smoking with you on the porch/
Summer has to end.
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Slurpppzzzz I've listened to this every single day since June.
Benjamin Vizzachero
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Benjamin Vizzachero Feels like I'm in someone else's house alone on a rainy day looking at their family pictures, overwhelmed with sad nostalgia
Beats Per Minute
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Beats Per Minute popular fragments of songs bounced and ripped and glitched to make dreamy tape drones Favorite track: what if i forget how to play all the songs i wrote on piano.
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written and collected over the course of a year.
thanks to hayden for the poem in 'adam4adam'
thanks to iphi for lending her voice to 'monument'
thanks to ryan for contributing chord organ to 'things fall out of my life and disappear' and his voice to 'if i cleaned everything'
thanks to caroline for contributing viola and vocals to 'if i cleaned everything'
thanks to abby for cello and vocals on 'if i cleaned everything'
finally, thanks to bryce for the photos used for the cover.
check out more of his photos here


released October 29, 2012



all rights reserved


heroin party Maryland

tape and non tape drone and non drone

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Track Name: when you wake up ill be gone little cat
it's just - i don't know. it's like - it's like a really good dream that you have and you keep thinking about it. i have a lot of dreams. when i'm awake i have a lot of dreams. all day. when i'm driving. when i'm out. when i'm home. it's all i do - dream about things. i dream about somewhere i could go. i can just be there. i don't know. i dream about a lot of things. mostly when i dream i dream about all the things i've lost, and i think from an early age you have to get used to losing things - cause if you don't, things get really bad all the time. so you have to get used to letting go of things and never getting them back. but that doesn't mean you don't think about all the things you lose still. cause i still do. and i didn't want to lose a lot of the things i lost but i did - i did and it's my fault. i don't know how to make that right - i don't think i could. but i still think about it, and even if i didn't think about it i'd still dream about it and i dream all the time.
Track Name: monument
i hear you in the kitchen and
i know i should go
to the kitchen too.
i’m waiting for someone
to text me and i’m
slowly building
machines out of
my thoughts.
i’m taking advice from
people on facebook.
i should go join you
in the kitchen but
i’m busy building
this monument;
it looms over
i can’t get
out of bed.
Track Name: summoning ritual
here in the dark i am strong
i beat my fists against your chest
and reshape your bones to fit my needs
and i'm not going to eat again
because food only brings me pain
i'm going to be beautiful
my body will float above my bed
held there with rope and like
some summoning ritual from your
you'll trace your fingers around
each of my ribs
and you won't be able to look me in the eye
for weeks
Track Name: adam4adam
60 year old men
crave me
ask if they can pay me
i try to explain that my cat
had to be put down
i don’t have the energy
ask if they can find me heroin
if they know of a generous doctor
i try to explain i’m dying
i only sleep with 40 year old youth pastors
Track Name: invite moths into your home
invite moths into your homes
Track Name: if i cleaned everything would you come back_variations on a theme
if i cleaned everything would you
come back